ExtremeWare Can Take It... With Style

ExtremeWare plastic dishes and dinnerware by Bentley can take whatever a busy home can dish out.

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Colorful Kid-Friendly Tabletops

Don’t give up on gorgeous table settings for fear of accidents. ExtremeWare combines everyday style with great colors and amazing durability.

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Dine in Worry-Free Style, Indoors and Out

Kitchen, patio, deck and poolside, ExtremeWare takes the stress out of dining. Our shatterproof, dishwasher-safe plastic dishes are the perfect set for any setting.

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Shop Our Full Collection of Bentley ExtremeWare Plastic Dishes

Crafted in durable, ultra break resistant SAN plastic, our ExtremeWare plastic dishes offer the look of ceramic tableware without the worry of breakage. ExtremeWare is solid in color, not transparent, to bring an everyday look to the table and minimize the appearance of scratches. Best of all, it coordinates beautifully with our best-selling Bentley ColorWare Plastic Glasses for a complete look.