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Facts of Interest:

1. All products are manufactured in Perryville, AR.  We are a proud US manufacturer.

2. All Bentley Drinkware products are BPA free.

2. Products are made from a durable SAN plastic that stands up well to the test of everyday wear and tear.

3.Life time guarantee on all tumblers against breakage.  If your tumbler should crack, please return it to where you purchased, and we will replace it free of charge.

4. Products are dishwasher safe, and will
not crack or haze. However, we do not recommend placing any product with a monogram color other than black and white in the dishwasher.  The stamp can become damaged

5. It is not advised to use any products in the microwave for any longer than a minute. However, if serving food with any grease, do not use products to reheat with.

6. If you are searching for a retail store near you, please call 1-800-691-9397

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