Bentley plastic drinkware Halloween votives

A few bits of paper turns our Bentley plastic drinkware into spook-tacular, kid-safe Halloween decor.

Bentley plastic drinkware — it’s not just for beverages! For years we’ve turned our 11-oz. tumblers into colorful, worry-free holders for votive candles. They’re the perfect no-fuss DIY candle holder for outdoor dining and entertaining, and an ideal alternative to glass votive holders when decorating around small children. Just drop a battery-operated votive candle or tea light into one of our tumblers for a safe, break-resistant, flame-free pop of light and color anywhere.

And when holidays roll around, we really have fun. Add a few bits of paper, and presto! Within minutes, our Bentley plastic drinkware transforms into holiday-themed votive candle decorations. They’re a breeze to make and kids love to help.

Make Halloween Votive Candles with Bentley Plastic Drinkware:

You’ll Need:

  • Bentley Plastic Drinkware – we use the 11oz. size, but the larger sizes work well, too. Or mix-and-match sizes for a fun arrangement
  • Colored construction paper – we used black, but you can get as creative as you wish
  • Double-sided gift tape or scrapbooking tape tabs
  • Sharp scissors
  • Battery-operated votive candles or tea lights
  1. Start with whatever Bentley tumblers you have on hand. We used Tangerine and Smoke for our Black Cat and Jack-o-Lantern votive holders, but other colors work great with a little imagination: try frost white for ghosts; purple, green or yellow shades make great witch and monster faces; while red shades offer a devilish glow to scary faces.
  2. Cut your face shapes and attach with the double-sided tape. And don’t forget to attach creepy feet or tails to the bottom of the glass.
  3. Last, pop in a battery-operated candle and enjoy the spooky glow.
  4. Note: The tape usually comes right off when you’re ready to return your tumblers to the cupboard, but a little olive oil will remove any residue without damaging the plastic.

To Display:

Set decorative votives anywhere. Remember, they’re far safer than regular candles, so options are limitless. Place in nooks or on accent tables, or cluster several on placemats or table runners in coordinating colors for fun Halloween centerpieces.